Yoga on a magic carpet

Yoga is fun. It makes you more flexible, stronger and it is relaxing and challenging at the same time. You can do it in the cold, in the heat (like Bikram Yoga), in the kitchen, in the garden, even in your car or in your office if you have enough space. Another benefit of yoga is – you don´t need that much equipment and actually I am skier, I know what I am talking about when it comes to equipment. Anyway, you just need relaxing clothes and a mat. And this might be the most essential thing when it comes to yoga, well this is my point of view.

I have had a few mats before. But there are those cheap ones, where you slip all over when it gets a little sweaty and well there are the expensive ones with lots of grip. But what do they have all in common? Well, they look all kind of the same. Of cause they are printed in different colors, pink, blue, black, green, purple. But all the same.

And here comes Sophie Leininger, a Northern California based artist. She founded Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. Her long-time fascination with traditional American textile and rug design has now found its home – on yoga mats. Leininger is the designer that wants me to put these Yoga mats in my living room as a carpet. Every single design of a mat paints Leininger by hand and prints them on yoga mats to full size, providing a unique and artistic alternative to the common mat. Technically these mats are not sophisticated and do not provide any special anti-grip technology or whatever, but they are beautiful and totally a state-of-the-art yoga mat.

And by the way, these mats aren´t just beautiful, they are also Non-Toxic, phthalate-free and sustainable printed in California. With these mats we can look good in the front row of yoga class, be sustainable and live free-spirited.





(c) Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

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After all, Sophie Leininger is not only a yoga mat designer, but also a very creative mind, when it comes to the art direction of her look books (including her new Aprés Yoga Caftan and Indigo Waterfall Vest) .

Have a look…





(c) Edie Sunday

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