Oh so pretty in pink – the Haglöfs Ardent shorts

We all do have these pieces. Pieces we love from the beginning on. Pieces we put on and everything is perfect. And pieces, we put over any other piece of clothing and love to do our sport in. For me, this is my Haglöfs Ardent Shorts. It stole my mountain biker heart away from the beginning on.

For me it is necessary to have pieces, I can rely on. I am not interested in fast fashion. We are all nature lovers and so we should start with our own clothing and buy stuff which lasts for long. And fact is: if you have a perfect match, you’d love to share adventures with it.

At the end of the summer of 2014, I had the chance to test and try the new Haglöfs Ardent Shorts. Since 2013 Haglöfs started with a new Mountain Bike collection. The Ardent Shorts are one of the heart pieces of the collection and brings color and style to every mountain bikers life.

Flexible and water repellent material

The shorts are made of FlexAble(R) material. This is highly sturdy and offers wind and moisture protection. Wearing it during all autumn bike adventures, the shorts are extremely comfortable due to its low rise and the diagonal zipper. The higher and laminated back offers protection and water and mud can be simply wiped away.



Riding trails with the Ardent Shorts in Styria and Tyrol (c) Wild Recreation


Shorts for every bike situation

As I am one of those huge girls, bike shorts are normally always to short and my knee protectors won´t fit under the shorts. But Haglöfs extended the shorts around the knee and protectors can fit by all means under the pants.

At the backside and at the inner thighs, the shorts material is reinforced and therefore is less vulnerable. After several up- and downhill tours there are definitely no signs for damage due to wear and tear.


Reinforced material at the backside (c) Wild Recreation

If you are out and about for a long uphill tour, the Ardent Shorts is also your partner in crime. Since there are no inner tights with seat cushions included, it is no problem to wear some of them under the shorts. The loose and baggy fit allows it anyway. And if you get warm during those tours, the diagonal ventilation zippers keep you well-aerated.

Briefly said, I do love these shorts! And I hope they will accompany me for many more years.

Out in the woods (c) Wild Recreation



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