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An adventure lifestyle blog for the cool outdoor environmentalists

We love the great outdoors. They are our home and our playground. We are sports and nature lovers.

And that´s why we created this space around here:

WILD RECREATION is a blog for the cool outdoor environmentalist. We focus on sports we love and things we like. Mountain biking, skiing, diving and several other outdoor sports are part of our life and are so of Wild Recreation.

As outdoor sports enthusiasts we are responsible for our environment. That is why we always focus on sustainability as well and created WILD RECREATION to be a place where outdoor sports team up with environmentalism.

We want to inspire you: to have your Wild Recreation, too. Go out, play in the outdoors, stay wild, do the things you love and follow your dreams. And be aware of the environment and love the places you’re doing your sports in.

Some articles are written in German and some in English. Just depends on our mood.


Lisa – Founder | Editor in Chief

Foto 9

Writer,  skier, photographer, geographer, mountain biker and nature lover – this is me. My photography and my writing are my art and my way to explain my perception of our planet earth. Since my early childhood, I love being out in the wild. Whether it is with my mountain bike or my skis, nature is my home and my playground. But as not only sports itself play a major role for me, but also the place I am doing my skiing and mountain biking in, I have always been a carer of the environment. This is why I created Wild Recreation. A place where I can combine my love for the environment and the outdoor sports. In my real life I am a studied Geographer working as editor in chief in a PR agency.

If you just want to have a look at my pictures, please visit my tumblr blog: La Amenda Photography

Contact: lisa@wildrecreation.com

Stay wild and free your mind!


Wild Recreation / Munich, Germany

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